Monday, March 1, 2010

Roti Canai.

Freshly handmade roti canai been cooked on a hot steel griddle.

(Taken by Heaven)

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H.N.Liew said...

Sorry to say, roti canai is not a healthy food.
1. It is made mainly from refined, bleached wheat flour. Wheat flour contains gluten that are not easily digested. It can congest and ferment in the intestines and colon. This create and acidic condition which is conducive for bad bacteria to breed. Bad bacteria, e.g. H. pyloris causes ulcer and other gut problems.
2. The oil used for roti canai is margarine, which is one molecule close to plastic. It is a homogeneous oil which is bad for health.

A healthier choice will be capati which is made from whole wheat flour which is more nutritious and not so sticky roti canai. It is also not so oily.

The next healthy choice will be tosai which is made of rice flour.

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